2017 STEM Education Day Call for Presentations

The executive committee for the 2017 STEM Education Day is holding a Call for Presentations to enable presenters to submit proposals for the event.

Who should submit?

The STEM Education Day executive committee welcomes proposals that may align with one of two presentation formats. We are seeking individuals, groups, or organizations wishing to present hands-on STEM activities through breakout sessions or as a share-a-thon. Breakout sessions will be 45 minutes long and could accommodate up to 100 participants. The share-a-thon will allow presenters to meet with a small number of participants for approximately 10 minutes, on a rotating basis over 90 minutes total. Share-a-thon presenters should expect to repeat their presentation to 8 groups.

This year’s theme is STEM Connected: Linking education, work and play every day.

STEM does not exist in isolation. It connects our life, our community, our country and our world. From starting the day with an alarm, using a health monitor during morning runs, driving the car in the HOV lane, emailing colleagues at work, cooking dinner, to watching Monday night football–STEM is a part of every hour of our day. Attend STEM Connected to learn how to bring integrated learning into your classroom!

Break out sessions should address one of three themes: STEM in Education, STEM at Work, or STEM in Art/s and Play. Suggestions include

STEM In Education:

STEM at Work:

STEM in Art and Play:

The above are just suggested topics for a proposal. Any proposal that addresses the use of STEM in other fields will be considered. We are looking for energetic and engaging sessions that will encourage teachers to incorporate new ideas into their STEM instructional practices.

Breakout sessions will also align with one of three tracks so that attendees can choose which sessions best fit their needs. Please indicate that your presentation is suitable for preK-5 teachers, secondary teachers, or counselors/workforce. Possible breakout sessions could include demonstrations of hands-on lessons, applications, or activities; small panel or roundtable discussions on STEM topics; cooperative creation of curricular material; or creation of artifacts for teachers to take with them to them to use in their classrooms.

Several formats are available for breakout sessions. Proposals should indicate which format is preferred, but the executive committee may ask that you tailor your presentation for any of these formats to allow for the greatest number of presenters. Please be flexible and consider how your material could be presented in each of these formats. We will do the best we can to accommodate your preferred format. The formats are:

  • Demonstration of successful lessons: The presenter will demonstrate a STEM lesson that participants can use.
  • Small Panel Talk: A small panel (3-4 people) will each give a short presentation on a topic related to STEM Connections. Presenters should leave time for questions.
  • Roundtable Discussion: Presenter(s) will facilitate a discussion with participants around a table on STEM Connections.

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Call for Presentations Closes on May 12, 2017

Please complete this form online, or email this completed form to

nortonj@uhd.edu before May 12, 2016.

2017 STEM Education Day

October 13, 2017

Houston Community College Alief

Conference Center