Spread the Word

Become a proud STEM Supporter

Help spread the word about “Houston STEM Education Day”!

Support STEM education in Texas through spreading the word about the week-long celebration to colleagues, employees, students, parents, and other potential partners and participants through your professional and personal networks.

  • Here are some ways to get the word out about “Houston STEM Education Day :”
  • Print or share our “Save the Date” flyer
  • Distribute Houston STEM Education Day event schedules to students, families, friends and work colleagues
  • Include Houston STEM Education Day  information in your campus , company or organization’s newsletter
  • Post the www.stemtx.org link on your website and share on your social media page
  • “Follow” us on twitter  and “Like” us on Facebook
  • Address the “Houston STEM Education Day ” on agendas at board and association meetings
  • Make introductions to key stakeholders in your network who are interested in supporting STEM education
  • Allow participants of Houston STEM Education Day to have booths or tables at your company, school or organization’s existing events.
  • Allow the Houston STEM Education Day hand-out literature on tabletops or place setting seats to inform groups at existing or new company events about activities
  • Tag existing ads, articles or email signatures at the end with the festival logo or tagline regarding being a “Proud Supporter of STEM Education in Texas


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