STEM Awards



As a way to recognize exceptional contributions in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields, the annual STEM Awards were created.  These awards will recognize the most outstanding Educators, Individuals, Groups, Programs, etc. each year at STEM Education Day.



There are thousands of dedicated individuals and groups in the STEM Learning Community making a difference every day.  That is why STEM-Texas would like to formally recognize, at the highest level, some of these contributions.  The STEM-Texas award program is aimed at acknowledging the dedication, talents, efforts and contributions of Educators, Individuals, Groups, Programs, etc. for strengthening STEM education; while fostering pride in service and promoting excellence and commitment in their represented STEM fields and communities.  The awards also honor work that supports activities consistent with emphasizing the importance of STEM education when it comes to preparing the youth of Texas for their futures.

Program Guidelines & Committee

The STEM-Texas Awards recognize distinct and extraordinary accomplishments with impacts that have provided significant advancements in the STEM fields. The work should represent the very best of contributions that enhance awareness by having a significant impact in STEM education.  These awards are not intended to recognize lifetime achievement or longevity.

Nominees must demonstrate exemplary performance of activities that are above and beyond the scope of normal responsibilities and programs.

There will be a committee appointed by the STEM-Texas leadership team to review the nominations for the awards.  The committee process is confidential and nominations will be verified.

Award Categories

The committee will determine the final nominations, based on the criteria, as well as, content and quality of the completed on-line nominations.  The general award criteria which nominees will be evaluated on are listed below.  The specific criteria are meant to provide guidance when nominating individuals or groups. Nominees may have had exemplary performance in one or more of the following:

  1. Innovation

Describe creative ideas and suggestions this nominee has contributed that have helped improve the furthering of STEM education, or enhanced the overall success of STEM in general. Include unique or innovative product or program designs/processes or ideas that helped improve quality or operations in education.

  1. Leadership

Describe how this person/group has demonstrated leadership regarding furthering STEM and/or STEM education. This may include providing vision and strategy to STEM activities, setting an example for others to follow while performing STEM related duties, looking for and acting on STEM opportunities through proactive and self-motivated fostering of STEM programs and activities, persevering in the face of obstacles and actively impacting STEM (events, activities, processes, students) and looking for ways to improve STEM actions.

  1. STEM Community Outreach

Describe how this person/group has actively furthered STEM education or awareness in the community.  Describe the program or activities which specifically contributed to community engagement in STEM activities.  List past and current activities that support nomination on how these contributions meaningfully advanced the community at large.

  1. Support of STEM Educational Initiatives

Describe how this nominee/group has brought significant positive change in support of STEM education. Describe how this nominee/group has utilized highly effective practices to inspire and lead others to contribute constructively as well as develop and utilize strong, constructive, and productive relationships that enable the goals to be met in support of the STEM initiatives. Discuss how nominee/group significantly improves or enhances the quality of STEM work in ways that make a substantial difference for educational institutions and ensures Texas continues to be the world energy leader.  Describe how the nominee/group promotes and participates in a wide variety of STEM programs to improve the quality of STEM education and educational opportunities.

  1. Outstanding STEM Educational Programs

Describe the program and the specific aspects which make it a high caliber STEM educational program.  The nominee should include the program’s: marketing and outreach, number of participants, organizational structure, overall budget, sustainability of the program in the future, monitoring of participants in their education and career, webpages, endorsements by educational, community or business leaders/companies, credentials of instructors or program managers, etc.

Additional information may be required for the nomination committee on the aforementioned award categories.



Nomination – Requirements & Rules

Nominations will only be made online using the designated application form on the website.  Nominations will only be accepted during the designated dates. Nominations may be initiated by any individual or group.  Nominations are completely confidential; the names of the nominees are not made public.  Self-nominations will be accepted.  Nominations must include a supporting narrative according to the online application. Nominations without an appropriate narrative will not be considered.  Each nomination should discuss the magnitude of the accomplishments or contributions, the impact of the activity, noting its significance, influence on ideas, on users, or other benefits to the broadly defined STEM Community in general.  The nominations are only valid for the current nomination year.


The Nominations, Review and Approval Process for the STEM-Texas Awards will be coordinated through the leadership team and appointed committee.  This team will publish nominations and evaluation criteria for the awards before the nomination period of each year.  Nominations will be accepted up to the stated deadline.  Nominations will be reviewed to determine eligibility and merit.  Once this has been determined, the committee will evaluate each nomination according to the criteria.  Committee members must have consensus to make the final determination of the prestigious STEM-Texas Award winners.


An awards ceremony will be held in the honor of the recipients at the STEM Education Day luncheon.  The award winners will be recognized as follows:

  • Publicly recognized during STEM Education Day
  • Name and brief description of why they received the award published on the STEM-Texas website
  • Individualized plaque